Finance your business with Crowdinvesting "” as best practice

Date  28.10.2021
Start  16:00 Uhr
End  17:00 Uhr

Crowdinvesting is a new way for financing and investing on startups specially when the startups don’t have the financial power to realize a business, investors and financial institutes refuse to support. Crowdinvesting has nowadays reached a high popularity and growth among innovative people, groups and companies. If you are looking for financing your business internationally and interested to know how Crowdinvesting can help you, then join us and learn about how works, which business are financed.


Who is Frankly Green: is a crowdinvesting platform that enables private investors to finance green projects and companies in emerging markets. We are the interface between companies with a green agenda and investors interested in returns and environmental protection.


Date & Time: Thursday, 28.10.2021 at 4 pm – 5 pm

Info & Booking: • The seminar will be held virtually in English!


Participation is free of charge!


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